Monday, May 25, 2015

Not Just for Christians

The second thing that I believe will stall any serious excursion into pagan puppetry is the obvious lack of any pagan puppetry, and the prevalence of Christian puppetry.  This has nothing to do with any dislike of Christianity or Christian puppetry. In fact, they've done a magnificent job of incorporating puppets into their work, and I seriously wish we'd done half as well... but should someone take an interest in the world of puppets and puppetry, and should they venture out to seek information, puppet designs and scripts, they're going to find out just how thoroughly Christian puppetry has entrenched itself.

In fact, it's just about all you're going to find on the first scratch of the surface.

Even if the potential pagan puppeteer is open-minded and evolved, relaxed and groovy, it's still hard not to be put off by the fact that nearly every single play available is either a Bible story or teaches a Bible lesson. There just isn't that much out there for us to latch onto.

Try a quick search of the scripts here:
and in case you suspect I've picked one that was somehow skewed, well, look ANYWHERE and see what I mean. There just isn't a good source for non-bible scripts out there.

Which is why I think we need one, of course. It's also why, if we want a puppet design or a puppet script, we're going to have to pretty much make it ourselves for awhile.

A lot of the books on puppet making feature bible-themed designs and scripts. A huge majority of the puppet resources websites are going to be about puppet ministry. They still have an amazing amount of information, how-to's and ideas, and they are very worth visiting, but before he is fit for magic or ritual use,  the puppet will need to be reclaimed a little.

Which, of course, is a main reason why I started this blog, why I'm working on a book about pagan puppetry, and why I'd like to gather resources for any pagans out there who fancy themselves puppet people to use.

If you have a puppet design or script that you are willing to share, or if you'd like me to feature your show, puppets, pictures or website relating to paganism and puppetry, please leave a comment or contact me. I will do my best to gather what resources I can find, and post them here for people to use as well as the plays and designs I make myself.



  2. This is a fantastic resource. May I put the link on our resources page?